Impound Yard Towing Arlington, Ft. Worth & All City Impounds

impound yard towing Arlington, TX

Are you trying to get your car out of the Arlington City Impound, the Ft Worth City Impound or another area city impound? This process is often difficult, time consuming and awfully expensive. The team at Wicked Towing understands the situation you are in and we are dedicated to helping you get your car back. We exceed all the requirements to gain access to area city impound lots and can secure your vehicle’s release fast. Call our dispatch center now at 844-942-5338 and we can get your car or truck out of the impound lot fast.

Properly Licensed & Insured for Impound Yard Removal

Tow Car From Impound

Many towing companies cannot tow from area impound lots as they do not have the proper licenses, permits and insurance. These documents are required to tow from all area city impound lots. But you are in luck, we have all of the required licenses and coverages and are ready to help.

The process of getting your car back from area city impounds including the Ft Worth City impound and the Arlington City Impound can be confusing. In Texas, a legal towing company has to have a TDLR license for their driver and for their truck. They must also have a Cab Card and the state required insurance coverages to be able to tow out of any of the area city impound yards.

Get Your Car Out of the City Impound

Get My Car Out of the Arlington, TX Police Impound
The Arlington Police Impound is located at 1108 Harrison Ave. Arlington, TX 76011 and is managed by Kelly McKnight Wrecker Service, Inc. If your car is being held in this facility, we can help you get it out.

Get My Car Out of the Ft. Worth Police Impound
The Fort Worth Police Impound is located at 2500 Brennan Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76106 and is managed by Beard’s Towing, Inc. If your car is being held in this facility, we can help you get it out.

Are You Being Overcharged by the Impound Lot?

Get My Car Out of Impound

An official Vehicle Storage Facility is allowed to collect fees for the towing of a vehicle, but only the fees that are directly related to the tow. Facilities may charge up to the following statewide maximum fees, unless a lower fee is set by a municipality or county. Know your rights and you could save a lot of money.

Vehicle Weight Tow Fee
10,000 lbs. or less $255
10,001 – 24,999 lbs. $357
25,000 lbs. or more $459/Unit, Max of $918
Daily Storage Fee  
$20/Day- Vehicles Less Than 25' in length  
$35/Day- Vehicles Over 25'  

Wicked Towing Can Get Your Car Out of the Impound Lot Today. Call 844-942-5338 Now to Put Us to Work.